Startup CostsFor Opening a Wayback Burgers

A reasonable initialinvestment that pays off

The prospective cost of opening a restaurant franchise can seem daunting to both new and experienced entrepreneurs, but at Wayback Burgers we offer a very reasonable initial investment cost. The initial franchise fee for your first franchise is $35,000. The initial fee for multiple units may be discounted per unit based on certain conditions and criteria.

The estimated initial investment for a typical Wayback Burgers restaurant will range between $550,000-$650,000 and includes line items such as restaurant construction, kitchen equipment, furniture, signage, POS system and opening food inventory.

The table below lists the average initial investment range as described in Item 7 of our current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Type of ExpenditureEstimated AmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment Is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$35,000Lump SumOn Signing Franchise AgreementWayback Burgers
Leasehold Improvements$60,000 To $250,000As ArrangedAs Requested By ContractorsContractor, Architects, Suppliers, Or Wayback Burgers
Initial Rent Outlays$2,500 To $12,000Lump SumAt Signing Of Lease AgreementLandlord Or Wayback Burgers
Equipment$75,000 And $255,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Outside Fixtures And Furnishings$5,000 To $10,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Signage$3,000 To $35,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Initial Inventory$6,000 To $9,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Supplies$5,000 To $35,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Travel & Living Expenses During Training$1,000 To $10,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Utility Deposits$0 To $5,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Prepaid Insurance Premiums$500 To $5,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Permits & Licenses (Including Design Fees)$6,000 To $12,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Grand Opening Advertising$5,000As ArrangedBefore OpeningSuppliers
Additional Funds & Miscellaneous$5,000 To $20,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers

Total :
$209,000 – $698,000 (Approx.)


To qualify, Wayback Burgers franchise candidates need to have a credit score of 700 or above and access to the required liquid capital of $250,000, meaning cash, including savings, or any assets that can be liquidated quickly.

In order to secure financing, many lending institutions may consider your net worth in their decision.

If you don’t meet those criteria on your own, it is perfectly fine to bring on a partner.

Passion plus profit

Just as important as having enough working capital is being motivated and passionate about the brand. Our ideal candidate wants to grow with the company and eventually own multiple units. While previous ownership is not a requirement, we prefer that you have leadership experience and a keen interest in the day-to-day details of running a business.

Other fees, as listed in the current FDD, include a continuing royalty fee equivalent to 5% of gross sales, excluding sales tax, and an advertising fee of 4% of gross sales, dispersed evenly between national and local marketing campaigns.
While we do not offer financing through the company, we can provide candidates with a broad list of recommended lenders in their area.

Your Wayback Burgers franchise representative will be able to provide you with more specific answers to your questions as they relate to your individual situation. From real estate options to the construction of your restaurant, our team will walk you through the process of finding the right location to optimize your success.